To download a pdf booking, click HERE. To download a Word booking form, please click HERE.

1.  Please click on our Calendar to check availability.

2.  To make a provisional booking, please contact the Bookings Secretary with your detailspreferably by email (especially for short notice bookings), or on 07816 921080 (bookings only).  If you get no reply on the phone, please send us an email (as the Bookings Sec may be away) and leave a message.

3.  To confirm the booking, please download the Booking Form pdf by (1) clicking HERE, (2) clicking on the download icon, and following the instructions at paragraph 5 below.  Your “provisional booking” will be held for 14 days from the date you made the provisional booking.   To  download a Word document version of the Booking Form, please click HERE.

4.  There are no longer any special Covid-19 conditions, but we ask you to follow the governments’s latest guidance issued in May 2022 listed HERE.

To view, download or print the Hire Fees, click HERE.

5.  Please return the following by posting or emailing it to the Bookings Secretary at the address underneath paragraph 9 below:

a.  The completed  Booking Form, including risk assessment.

b.  Deposit payment or Full Payment as appropriate

c.  The ‘Refundable ‘damage deposit’ (separate cheque please – this will be held by our Treasurer and not ‘banked’).

There is also a letterbox in the Benefice Office you can use to save the postage.  It is in the first door on the right hand side of the building.

6.  Please make all cheques payable to: “Frampton Community Association”.

7.  We suggest that you make a copy of the Booking Form for your reference.

8.  You will subsequently receive an Invoice with (1) the details of your booking, (2) the amount already paid, and (3) the amount left to pay.

9. You are also required to read by clicking on the title of each: (1) the Standard Conditions of Hire, (2) the Conditions of Alcohol Sale, (3) the Food Safety Guidelines, and (4) Hirer Emergency Guide sheets.

10. Bouncy Castle – If you are having one, you as Hirer must have your own Liability Insurance as well as an adult to supervise it the whole time, and you need to meet the terms and conditions laid down in the Bouncy Castle sheet.  Many Home Insurance policies have liability insurance built in – please check with your insurer.


Address: Frampton Cadbury Hall, Lake Lane, Frampton on Severn, Gloucester, GL2 7HE



If the Hirer is in any doubt about any condition, please consult the Secretary immediately.  By signing the ‘Booking Form’ it is understood that the hirer has read, and agreed to comply with, all ‘Conditions of Hire.’

The Executive Committee of Frampton on Severn Community Association (FCA):

– Is responsible for the Premises Licence / Performing Rights Certification / Compliance with all Fire Regulations relating to the Cadbury Hall premises.

– Has discretion over (i) the requirement of the hirer to pay or (ii) the repayment of any Hire Fees already paid, if the Hirer cancels the booking before the date of the Function.

The HirerGeneral conditions

– Must be over 21 years of age.

– Must be present on site for the whole of the Function Time.

Is responsible for the behaviour of all persons attending the Hirer’s function whatever their capacity, including proper supervision of car parking arrangements to avoid obstruction of the highway.

– Must ensure safety and prevent public nuisance both inside and outside the premises during and especially after the function.       

– Must also arrange for people to help with this just in case.  Numbers to be agreed with FCA.

– Must, when tickets are sold (at concerts /dances / discos etc), provide one Steward per 25 people present for safety and to prevent public nuisance inside and outside the premises during and after the function.

– Must not sub-let/use the premises for any unlawful purpose or in any unlawful way nor do anything, or bring anything in, which may endanger the same or any Insurance Policies in respect thereof.

– Must, where large numbers are expected, make suitable arrangements to control parking.

– Must be Health and Safety conscious throughout, attending to any spills or other hazards that occur.

– Must carry out a Health and Safety Risk Assessment prior to their event.

– Must pay any outstanding bills prior to the end of their event.

The Hirer – Fire and Other Emergency

– Must, at the start of the hire, make themselves and those present familiar with the positions of Alarm Call points and the procedure for evacuation of the premises in the event of fire or other emergency.

NB – the Cadbury Hall/Annexe etc. is provided with adequate means of escape and these routes are clearly indicated. In the event of a power failure exit signs are illuminated automatically.

– Must ensure these marked ‘escape routes’ are not obstructed by tables/chairs etc. and that fire escape doors remain closed except for use during an emergency.

– Must take on the role of Responsible Person and take the appropriate actions in the event of fire or ther emergency, if the sole user of the building at the time.

The Hirer – “Insurance”

– Is responsible for making all necessary arrangements to insure against any third party claims which lie against him/her or his/her organisation whilst using the Cadbury Hall premises for any function/event.

– is to ensure that suitable liability insurance is in place for any extra facilities hired in NB. FCA carries Public Liability Insurance only in respect of its own property but accepts no other liability whatsoever. FCA Insurance does NOT COVER hirer’s property or the hirer’s Public Liability.

The Hirer – The Building

– If sole user of the building at the time, is responsible for the supervision/security of the building, the fabric and contents of the building, and the prevention from damage (however slight).

– If there are other users present in the building, is responsible for the supervision/security of their part of the building, the fabric and contents of their part, and the prevention from damage (however slight).

– Must ensure safety, and that all children remain within the areas hired and are supervised by an adult at all times.

– Must ensure that young children are supervised when using hot water taps, the water can be very hot.

– Must take due care when using steps, ladders etc for decoration of any room.

– Must ensure that no-one with a pacemaker is allowed in the kitchen when the induction hob is in use.

– Must ensure that any electrical equipment used has a valid Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) certificate.

– Must ensure that NO dogs (other than assistance dogs) are allowed in the building.

– Must ensure that any spills etc are cleared up immediately to prevent hazards to others.

– Must ensure that the building (or their part of the building) and surrounds is left clean and tidy at the end of the booking. This includes all items in the kitchen if used.

– Must ensure that if they move any items, they are put back in their usual positions, and that all windows/doors are checked and secured prior to the hirer leaving the building.

– ALL RUBBISH including nappies must be removed from the building. Please ensure that, if you use contract caterers, they take all their rubbish away off site, and do not use the outside bins.

The Hirer – “Decorations”

– Absolutely no pins, glues, adhesive tape or other fixing materials (‘Blu Tac’ /’White Tac’etc.) shall be applied to any wall/door/window surface. Please note that there are permanent ‘hooks’ positioned around the walls for the hanging or attachment of balloons/banners etc. Any damage to paintwork etc. will incur an extra charge for the remedial work required.

The Hirer – “Advertising”

– shall ensure that any ‘advertisements’ of functions/events to be held at the Cadbury Hall meet the requirements of the Advertising Standards Agency.

– shall first agree with the Trustees of FCA any use of any Cadbury Hall notice boards to advertise any event/service (e.g. ‘Disco’ providers).

– use of ‘fly posters’ advertising events at the Cadbury Hall may incur a fine of up to £1000. Under no circumstances does FCA condone this activity. [If in any doubt concerning advertising, the hirer should contact Stroud District Council].

The Hirer – “Sale of Goods”

– shall, if selling any goods on the Cadbury Hall premises, comply with all Food Standards and Fair Trading Legislation and any ‘codes of practice’ issued in connection with such sales.

– in particular, shall ensure that the total prices of all goods or services are prominently displayed, as shall be the organiser’s/seller’s name(s) and address(es).

The Hirer – “Food “

– if any food is being served/provided as part of the function/event, the hirer must ensure that Food Safety Regulations are strictly observed. A ‘guide’ for your information is attached.

Important note: “Security Deposit”

In addition to all the hire fees listed, the Trustees of Frampton Community Association require the Hirer to provide a ‘returnable Security Deposit of £75’ with each booking. Any breach of the ‘Conditions of Hire’ may result in all or part of this Security Deposit being withheld. [This ‘security deposit’ will be retained by the treasurer and will not be ‘banked’.] In particular, the Security Deposits may be partly or fully withheld for the following reasons: 

Damage to fabric, furnishings or contents; 

The need for any “additional” cleaning before use of facilities (including toilets) by any subsequent hirer. (This also includes the ‘tidy / re-storage’ of chairs /tables if used, and the removal of rubbish); 

If any unauthorised alcoholic drink is brought onto the premises by hirer or their guests without the agreement of the Bookings Secretary. (Please see separate notes regarding ‘supply of alcohol’) 

If any unreasonable disturbance is caused to occupiers of neighbouring properties.

In the event of damage etc. in excess of £75, the hirer shall be required to reimburse Frampton Community Association for the full costs of all repairs/replacement of fittings etc. as needed.


With a Main Hall, other rooms, and good parking, the Cadbury Hall is perfect for wedding and christening receptions, parties and group or personal events.  To make a booking, click here.

Cadbury Hall has lots of regular activities including Ping Pong Cafe, Patchwork, Toddler Time, Zumba, Table Tennis Club, Silver Band, Skittles, Dance Attack, Snooker, Perryway Players, Bridge, Whist, Wellbeing Group, Sunnyside lunches, and Bingo – to learn about our affiliated groups, click here.