Hire Rates

These are the latest rates for booking a room.

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Cadbury Hall Fees – as of 12 August 2022

Main Hall   (Also includes sole use of Lounge if Bar Facilities are booked)


Type                              Commercial


Standard Fee              Local Fee


Day                                   £200

Session                            £120

Per hour                             £35

      £175                         £150

        £90                           £75

        £30                           £22        


Children’s Parties in the Main Hall or Annex (up to 5 p.m.) – £50 for a morning (8am-1pm) or an afternoon session (1-5pm).  Note 1 below also applies.

Upstairs Annexe


Day                                   £150

Session                               £75

Per hour                              £30


The Lounge

Per Day                              £150

Per Session                         £75

Per Hour                              £30


      £130                           £100

        £60                             £50

        £22                             £18



       £120                         £100
         £60                           £50
         £22                           £18

Special Events.  We can provide an all-inclusive service for weddings etc:  Price on Application.

Session Times: 1.  Morning: 08.00-13.00  2. Afternoon: 13.00-18.00     3. Evening: 18.00-23.30


1.  Where there is a requirement for the sale of alcohol, it has to be arranged on a case-by-case basis, and will cost £10.  (Please see ‘Conditions of Hire – Alcohol’ and box below).

2.  We hold provisional bookings for 14 days.  We need a deposit, normally £20, to confirm a booking and hold it after 14 days – except Special Events, where it’s by agreement. 

3.  Preparation and Clearing up times (only if available): For a hire of a session or longer – 1 hour free before and after.  For shorter periods– 30 minutes free before and after. Any extra time is charged at the hourly rate.

4. Bookings that cover more than one session will be charged one session rate plus any extra hours at the relevant hourly rate.

5. Kitchen.  Light use for hot drinks and food preparation is free.  Use of the ovens an/or warming plate is £15.

6.  Round banquet tables – Hire and set up – £10.00 per table.

7.  Tablecloths and napkins for banquet tables – Hire and set up – £20.00 per table.

8.  Hire of 10 banquet tables and linen – £250.00.

9. FCA to set up and put away rectangular tables and chairs – £25.00.  

10.  Hire of rectangular tablecloths – £15.00 per per table.

11. The “Local Fee ” applies to individuals or groups based in “Frampton on Severn and the neighbourhood”, or a Registered Charity.


 Security Deposit

In addition to all the fees listed above, a ‘returnable deposit of £75‘ is required to cover possible damage to the fabric or contents of the Cadbury Hall building and/or any additional cleaning costs incurred if we find that the Hall has not been left in a ‘usable state’ for subsequent hirers, or rubbish including nappies left anywhere. 

There will be a charge of £30 if the chairs and tables are not put away in the store room as per the guide.  

Please ensure that all rubbish is placed in the bins at side of hall, and that, if you  use contract caterers, they take all their rubbish away off site, and do not use the bins.

See “Conditions of Hire” for further details. 

Sale of Alcohol

1.  The sale of alcohol is governed by the 2003 Licensing Act, and NO ALCOHOL can be sold without an appropriate licence being in place.

2.  Please note that no alcohol, other than that purchased directly at the bar, may be consumed anywhere in the Cadbury Hall without prior arrangement and the payment of corkage. 

3. There is a £10 fee for the use of a bar to cover licensing costs. 


Frampton Community Association carries Public Liability Insurance in respect of its own property but accepts no other liability whatsoever. FCA Insurance does NOT COVER hirer’s property or the hirer’s Public Liability, so the Hirer is required to provide their own insurance, eg, for bouncy castles, discos, etc.