Cadbury Hall Refurbishment


Refurbishment of the Cadbury Hall so far, acknowledgement of sponsors, and plans for further work.

Built in 1936 and extensively extended in 1990, the Cadbury Hall had become by 2011 rundown, unattractive, and very unwelcoming to users.

In addition, it was very cold in winter, as it was hard to heat, even harder to keep warm, and very expensive to run. 

 Extensive refurbishment was urgently needed, or the building would become unused and irrelevant to the community. 

Despite a great deal of effort, it was only in late 2011 that we obtained any significant funding, when the Cadbury Trust donated a very generous £12000.

This gave us momentum, and by early summer 2012 we had raised £44000, which, with £14000 of our own, gave us close to £60000 – enough to get started.

Surveys of the building had indicated that energy saving measures were top priority. 

Work initially focused on (1) cavity wall insulation, (2) insulation of the main hall’s suspended ceiling and stage area, where there was none, and (3) replacing external doors and double glazing as much of the building as we could afford.

We also redecorated the main hall, the lounge, the entrance lobby, and the corridor.

 Main Hall before refurbishment




Main Hall after refurbishment – much brighter, lighter, and warmer!



 The toilets in particular also desperately needed work. 

By careful pruning of requirements and sourcing, we were able to complete of all the work outlined above by the end of 2012.

 Gents toilet before refurbishment






 Gents toilet after refurbishment

Other Work 

Lots of fund-raising and very generous local donors helped us raise enough money to redecorate the bar and annexe entrance lobby areas.

In August 2014, we were awarded a Landfill Communities Fund grant of £46000 from Biffa to completely replace the central heating in the four zones of the building with modern, efficient and part-renewable energy technology.

This work has transformed the building in the winter with effective heating systems all round. 

 We are extremely grateful to Biffa Award for their grant without which the complete replacement of the decrepid old ineffective heating system would not have been at all possible.


We are extremely grateful to all our sponsors without whom this work would not have been possible.  

The biggest contributor in funding has been Biffa Award with £46,000 (not all of it claimed yet), the Gloucestershire Environmental Trust with £20,000 from landfill tax contributions donated by Cory Environmental. 

Other significant contributors were the Cadbury Trust with £12,000, the Bournville Trust with £10,000, the Somerfield Charitable Trust with £4000, the Gloucestershire Charitable Foundation and the Frampton on Severn Parish Council.  

We are also grateful to the John Buckley Trust,the Perryway Players, the Frampton on Severn Country Fair, and the Stonehouse Rotary Club, for substantial contributions.

Special thanks have to go to all the individuals and local groups who have also put in a great deal of time and effort to raise significant sums for us.  

Future Work 

We still have much to do: the kitchen, the meeting room, the annexe at the back both upstairs and downstairs, and the cellar/back of the bar area. 

We estimate the additional funding requirement to be in the order of £40,000-£60,000 to complete all the work needed. We will now start the process of bidding for more money as well as continuing to raise as much as we can ourselves.

Last updated June 2015